Evil in Waugh


I have been wanting to write this piece for a while. Not just for the headline, which must surely be award-winning, but because it was time the truth outed; time Ellie Waugh of Humanity Torbay reached out for the help she so desperately needs; time Waugh’s lovely family took her under their wing and walked her into a police station. Time someone showed some balls compared to the lily-livered cowards calling themselves journalists who know the truth but can’t be arsed to get off their salaried backsides and tell it in its resplendent, cleansing glory.


Anyone else in Waugh’s position with such terrible headlines this week would apologise, not dig further holes or try to claim the journalists who have written about her are ALL liars. One after another newspapers and then the BBC have shown the homeless charity of which she is CEO has been run dreadfully by her and is crooked. Not Waugh. She is so deluded she still thinks she can get away with it! Not this time, Ms Waugh. We all know you’re a liar. You’re a bully too according to your staff and ex-staff and there’s nothing better than taking down a bully. Behind every bully is a coward after all…


When fantasy hits reality it’s never a pretty sight. Since vulnerable homeless people are involved, it is important that this obstacle to their salvation – Ellie Waugh – is well out of the way, so the likes of sensible local charities like PATH can pick up the pieces. In recent days Humanity has been exposed as having dodgy accounts, monies raised illegally and for multiple other misdemeanours. While the boys in blue do their job and clean up this unpleasant mess, the charity’s trustees must do the decent thing – sack her and and shut up shop NOW.

humanityI detest ad hominems, but in this instance I am sorry to say that an ad hominem is exactly what is required so those reading Waugh’s lies and rebuttals know the TRUTH…


Ellie Waugh claims she went to Cheltenham Ladies’ College.

  • I telephoned them. They have never heard of her – by any of her surnames.

Ellie Waugh claims her mother lives in a big family house in Kensington and is down to her last £43 Million…

  • Ellie grew up on a council estate in Uxbridge. There is no house in Kensington.

“Lady Ellie” is titled.

  • I checked with Debrett’s Peerage and they confirmed this is another lie. The truth is that for just £24.95 Waugh acquired a personalised title certificate (gold embossed), legal deed, five square feet of dedicated land, title crest postcard, personalised welcome letter, access to the online members area, colour brochure and presentation folder online from Hougun Manor Estate in Northumbria.

lady ellie waugh

Ellie Waugh claims her mother works in parliament and is shagging Ken Clarke.

  • Nope. (I daren’t call Mr Clarke about the bonking – good luck to the old rascal if he is).

Ellie Waugh claims that the ex-Mayor Gordon Oliver fancied her rotten, called her Alice in Wonderland, bought her a gold necklace and ate cake with her in his office each week.

  • More lies.

Ellie Waugh claims she had affairs with Boris Johnson and Alan Rickman.

  • Priapic Boris’ press spokesman shook his head at this and rolled his eyes when he heard the recording of her saying this. The late Alan Rickman was unavailable for comment, although a medium helpfully confirmed this too was a lie.

Ellie Waugh claims she’s the most beddable high profile woman in Torquay.

  • Absolutely, dear.

most profile torbay woman bed

The actor Rupert Everett bought Ellie Waugh a £5k diamond bracelet and earrings for her birthday. He also promised her a pink MG if she passed her driving test. 

  • The bracelet was £65. No, Rupert didn’t buy that bracelet. The pink MG…. oh dear. More lies.



everett 2

BTW Isn’t Rupert Everett gay?!

Rachel Johnson is one of Ellie’s best friends.

  • Rachel has confirmed she does not know Ellie Waugh nor recalls ever meeting her.


Ellie Waugh claims she was telephoned by a 9 year old whose mum had died and whose father was unemployed – she wanted work in Humanity’s kitchens scrubbing dishes. 

Ellie Waugh has a first class degree in politics.

  • Nope.

first in politics

Ellie Waugh claimed a petrol bomb which destroyed her family car was a targeted attack.

  • The fire started from inside the car and worked its way outwards. Maybe Waugh will explain all this to the authorities when she explains away what happened to the charity monies?

Bleach was poured across the Humanity Torbay’s office and cabinet drawers were emptied at Humanity Torbay on Union Street.

  • Really, Ms Waugh?

Ellie Waugh claims she’s untouchable because of friends in Devon & Cornwall Police. 

  • Nobody is untouchable.

police friends

Ellie Waugh claimed she has Parkinson’s Disease.

  • No, she does not.

Ellie Waugh claimed a cushy job was awaiting her in New York as her CEO skills were so much in demand.

  • No job in New York.

new york

Ellie Waugh claimed she had a new branch of Humanity opening in Bournemouth.

  • Brazen lie.

humanity bournemouth

Ellie Waugh claimed she has 4 properties across Brixham let out at no charge to vulnerable people.

  • No properties in Brixham are recorded on land registry records in her name or her husband’s name.

Ellie Waugh schmoozes with local councillors.

  • That’s true but behind their backs she’s far less polite about them…

dave thomas


Ellie Waugh claimed that a molestation order existed against her ex-boyfriend, Councillor Mark King, and that he had raped her using the rape drug Rohypnol.

  • No molestation order exists. (Noone is exonerating Mark King here nor trying to by the way for whatever crimes if any he committed. He should come back to the UK and face justice too). 

domestic abuse

police king

Any remorse, Ms Waugh?

waugh on king

Do you see the pattern, folks?

Lies. Attention seeking. Bullying. More lies. Killing the messenger of truth. More lies. Off sick. Crowdfunder. Video. More lies. More bullying. Let this vicious circle stop!

Let’s repeat: the best thing that can happen now is for trustees of Humanity to step forward and do the right thing for the homeless of Torbay. Sack Waugh. Close the circus down right now, today so that Torbay Council and others can address Torbay’s growing homelessness problem without having to deal with this drama queen, who makes stuff up, wastes everyone’s time, turns volunteers’ lives into a misery and gets in everyone’s way. Police – please sort her out. Torbay has had it up to here with her BS and bullying.

extra as well

king ann marie bond

fat scrubber

peeing on gnome

sally ann gash

waugh mark king


list of lies

manager job




In cauda venenum

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