Charity Commission On Watch


Since the exposé about the Torquay Homeless Charity Humanity Torbay and its CEO Ellie Waugh in this paper one week ago, there have been dozens of members of the public sending messages detailing further areas the Charity Commission and the police should be looking into. These details have been passed to the Charity Commission investigation team who can be contacted directly at the link provided here.

While these details have also been passed to the police, some of the information that has come to light goes back a few years and, worryingly, the Charity Commission have been sitting on these details for far too long. Why Humanity Torbay was not closed down years ago is a mystery.

The new slew of allegations and evidence sent to the Charity Commission is now a public test for the Charity Commission. We all know Humanity Torbay (now called Humanity UK, as if that makes everything better!) is not fit for purpose – is the Charity Commission fit for purpose?

Further questions must be asked of Humanity Torbay’s trustees. They were after all responsible for the charity from its inception. They include some wonderful people who are known to be decent and upstanding individuals. Of the original group that formed Humanity Torbay, and those who were trustees when charitable status was obtained, 8 have resigned in the last 6 months. Resigning was a sensible move but what did these trustees do to stop Waugh during the time they were trustees? Newly appointed trustees knew the history of the charity, so why did they join and what information can they now pass to the authorities that stops the questioning of their good character?

The former trustees and new ones of Humanity Torbay had better be coming forward soon to explain themselves if they haven’t already. Yes these people merit sympathy – setting up a homeless charity is a noble thing. Working alongside a lunatic who, by the looks of things, was pilfering the place –  surely that needed police intervention far sooner? Why did they not spill the beans earlier as it was their duty as trustees to do?

The Torbay Tribune has seen one submission to the Charity Commission dating back multiple years. This submission includes some shocking details:

  • Of children visiting Humanity Torbay at the same time service users were present including those who are active substance abusers and known paedophiles.
  • Outrageous lies about totals of homeless clients housed. 
  • Serious concerns about Fire Safety.
  • Photos, stories and registers of service users regularly posted on the Facebook pages of both Humanity Torbay and the CEO, revealing private client data and putting vulnerable users at risk. 
  • Daily visitor numbers exaggerated building up misconceptions about what the charity was actually doing.
  • Non-existent bookkeeping and accounts. 
  • Crowdfunding that appeared to be based on lies. 
  • Bullying by the CEO, Ellie Waugh.

Why wasn’t Humanity Torbay investigated and shut down when the Commission received this intelligence?

The Charity Commission is now being examined closely. Submissions have been passed to the police and to central government figures to ensure that justice is served here. Humanity Torbay should not be allowed to continue to operate.

We are watching you, Charity Commission. 

Now serve the good people of Torbay – especially its vulnerable homeless inhabitants – the justice they deserve.


7 thoughts on “Charity Commission On Watch

  1. Don’t expect any imminent action from the Charity Commission. They sare underresourced and struggling to cope. For example the Bus Shelter IOW was closed down but no attempt by the Charity Commission to recover the missing £12,000 or find a home for the bus shelter. It is probably still on the IOW somewhere.

    Another example is the Amde players who have not submitted accounts for four years!


  2. I spoke to the Charity Commission yesterday on the phone and they say that everything is being done to gather the necessary evidence, which sounded very encouraging. I called them two years ago about the same subject matter and they were not interested and told me to go to the police. Something has changed. They must know this situation has so annoyed a whole town that they are being pressured into action. So many complaints = THE END.


  3. There’s a troll called Penny Stone pretending to be a journalist hanging around on FB. FYI. Stay well away from her. Not real. Feeds information back to Waugh. Police aware.


  4. The charity commission have known about this scam of a charity for many years but have ignored all the complaints. Someone should complain about their lacklustre approach to their responsibilities.


  5. The trustees and staff are too afraid to speak out about Ellie Waugh. They have seen what happens to people who cross her. She is a bully and will turn people against you, make lies about you if you disagree with anything she says. She is very dangerous as she’s such a convincing liar. She is honestly the most frightening woman I have ever worked with. Very opinionated, volatile, deceptive and vicious. Once she gets an idea in her head about something it becomes her truth which in turn has to be adopted by everyone else and become their truth. On one occasion a man working there refused to do what she wanted as it put a client at risk, what did she do? She accused him of being incompetent and got all of the staff to agree with her. They were all criticising him, saying that he should be reported to the governing body of the society that he was a member of, it was awful then she started saying the reason he was being disagreeable was because she had turned down his ‘advances’ she was suggesting that he’s acted inappropriately towards her. This man almost had a nervous breakdown and was unable to work for many months after this experience as Ellie and her entourage made accusation after accusation about him till he had no choice but to leave. I hear that this is the normal way she treats people who don’t do what she wants. many many people have fallen foul of her wrath. Gerald is just as bad by the way, a very angry, bitter little man but thats no wonder as his life must be hell at home.


  6. Shelley, you might want to pass onto the DWP that

    *Ellie Waugh gets her wages from Humanity paid into a bank account in her maiden name so she can continue to claim carers allowance in the name of Waugh. Her daughter is called Florence Stevenson.

    * Gerald Waugh claims high rate PIP for care and mobility he even has a mobility car and yet has the strength and coordination to drive when drunk and on painkillers. He also self medicated with canabis and drives.

    *Ellie takes home any good quality food from a charity for the homeless called Humanity UK. Food is often given to local people in the area who are not homeless nor are they working poor. Ellie gives food and clothes bags to her staff including housekeeper and cleaner in leu of wages for overtime. She just has so much food she doesn’t know what else to do with it.

    * Ellie Waugh takes home any clothes from Humanity that will fit her daughter as her daughter makes holes in her clothes due to her autism and gets through so many. Floranecs has no access to her own money to buy new clothes as they waugh use her benefits for their own fripperies.

    DWP would be more effective of investigating Waugh than the CC


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